Ways To Get Prompt Relief From Plantar Fasciitis Pain

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Plantar fasciitis can be incredibly debilitating. Having the underside of your foot tense up and cause you pain every time you take a step makes it really hard to get around, let alone actually enjoy your day. Long-term, you will likely need physical therapy, a change in shoes, and plenty of rest to recover from this inflammatory condition. But what can you do in the short-term to at least minimize the pain and make walking possible again? Here are some shorter-term fixes to discuss with your podiatrist.


The right orthotics can change the way you walk, taking strain off your plantar fascia. Custom orthotics take a while to make, but there may be some pairs available through a local pharmacy that do a decent enough job. You want to look for orthotics with lots of cushioning in the heel, and also ones that are stiff enough to minimize how much your foot bends. Those labeled specifically for use in managing plantar fasciitis tend to be best.

Put the orthotics in your shoes, and place your shoes next to your bed when you go to sleep at night. When you get up the next morning, put the shoes on before you even get out of bed. This can make those first few steps far more tolerable.

Ice Therapy

It's amazing what a difference simply icing your foot can make. People often dismiss icing as an option because it just seems too simple, but sometimes simple is what you need! Ice helps bring down inflammation, and that, in turn, can help reduce your plantar fasciitis pain. The easiest way to ice your foot is often to stick it straight into a bucket of ice water. You can do this a few times a day, as needed, to keep your plantar fasciitis pain under control.

Cortisone Injections

If orthotics and ice don't work well enough, your podiatrist may want to give you a cortisone injection. This injection will be given directly in your plantar fascia. While it is not always a permanent fix, it can go a long way towards reducing inflammation and pain in the region. You should get relief almost instantly. If you really need to walk or do something on your feet, scheduling a cortisone injection beforehand is wise.

It can take a long time to heal from plantar fasciitis, but there are ways to manage the pain as you're navigating the long road to recovery. Talk to your podiatrist to learn more about your options for plantar fasciitis treatment.