Choosing Shoes When You Have Achilles Heel Pain

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When you suffer from Achilles heel pain, the types of shoes you wear is especially important. If you fail to realize it, you may recognize that your injuries and pain may only be intensified. Here are a handful of the factors you want to keep in mind when looking for new shoes.  


Ensure you're staying away from shoes that don't have much flexibility. Feet may appear flat, but they bend as you walk. You need to choose a shoe that also bends as it moves. If not, this could cause the Achilles tendon to strain since it will be fighting against the stiff shoe that is not moving. It's important to note that too much flexibility, or bend, is also a bad thing. For instance, flip flops bend everywhere, not just where the foot naturally bends.

Arch Support

If you are suffering from Achilles tendon pain, it is likely that you also have a high or low arch. Make sure you are choosing a shoe that is suited for your arch level to keep your feet more comfortable and prevent further injury. High-quality shoes will generally have a label that will state whether the shoe is intended for high, low or normal arch support. If you don't know your foot's arch style, a podiatrist can help you.


When you are dealing with this condition, keeping the heel of your foot steady is important. If you purchase a shoe that has no, or little, heel support and cushioning, this will cause your Achilles tendon to overly stretch. This over stretching will lead to strain and eventually, more discomfort. The ideal shoe will have support that is solid, but not too firm to the point that it is hard.


Be mindful of the height of the shoes you're wearing. You don't want to wear shoes that are too high, but you also don't want to wear shoes that are too flat. As a guideline, you want to look for shoes that fall somewhere in the middle. When the shoe's heel is too high, this can prevent your Achilles tendon from stretching, which increases pain. When the heel is too low, this will cause the tendon to stretch too much.

Always take your time when shopping for new shoes. Knowing what to look for, trying on your shoes and walking around the store is always a good idea. It might even be a good idea to get feedback from your provider when it comes to the types of shoes you should be wearing.