Don't Treat These Foot-Related Issues On Your Own

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While you might be keen on taking a do-it-yourself approach to caring for your body in a number of ways, this approach isn't necessary the best idea when it comes to caring for your feet. If a concerning foot issue is present, your first instinct might be to address it on your own. However, doing so may end up complicating the issue and causing you more pain. It's a better idea to schedule an appointment with your local podiatry professional, as he or she will have the right training and equipment to take care of your issues with ease, while also providing you with tips for caring for the situation yourself. Here are some issues that you shouldn't address on your own.


If you have foot calluses that are causing you pain when you walk, you might think about taking clippers or even a knife and cutting them away. While there's little question that you'll be able to do so, there are several risks. With a knife, you can easily slice beneath the callus and into your flesh, causing a painful injury. Additionally, if your implements aren't sterile, your actions could potentially cause an infection. Finally, cutting off the calluses is only addressing the symptom of another issue, such as poorly fitting shoes. By seeing your podiatrist, you'll have each of these criteria professionally addressed.


While it's true that there are several wart remedies that you can buy at your local pharmacy, you may complicate the issue by treating a wart yourself. There are a few things that can go wrong. For example, touching the skin around the wart, perhaps as you cut the dead skin away, may cause the virus to spread to other parts of your body. Applying too much acidic cream can cause the cream to ooze out from beneath the bandage when you step down, resulting in burns to other areas of your foot.

Ingrown Toenails

When you have an ingrown toenail, it's ideal to visit your podiatrist for care. Attempting to cut away the skin on your own isn't a good idea — you may end up with an infection or otherwise make the problem more painful. The expert hands of a podiatrist like Allied Ankle & Foot Care Centers PC can trim the skin and nail, as needed, and this foot care expert can also provide you with some suggestions on how to cut your toenails in the future to limit the risk of ingrown toenails.